Audio Confusion...?

Greetings - have recently updated to latest version of Boinx and since then have been experiencing audio issues. The biggest of these is that our anchor audio does not output - but only the anchor audio. We can broadcast videos without an issue, but our anchor audio does not go out. When we record and playback a broadcast the anchor audio is fine, it’s just when we’re broadcasting live. ANY advice/suggestions on where to start looking would be appreciated.

how is the audio inputting into the system? did you try removiing & then readding the device/layer to boinx?

The audio is going through a mixer and inputting through the mic plug (we use two different mics). I’ve deleted and added. Thanks kmac1036 for the reply.

@rrhsknights: In BoinxTV the audio pipe should be the same when recording to disk or delivering it to the system audio out port.

How did you setup getting the audio into BoinxTV and out to your broadcast solution?
Do you see the audio level peaking out by the anchor mic in BoinxTV?