Audio changes in export

I have a slideshow in which certain slides are paired with specific moments in a song. When I play the slideshow in FotoMagico, everything is timed perfectly, but after exporting it the timing is off by almost an entire slide. This cannot happen. As it is, it takes more than an hour to export this 19-minute show and I have a deadline. What can I do to make the exported version identical to what I see on the screen?

FotoMagico is designed for doing live presentations and its top priority is not to stutter when running in presentation mode in front of a large audience. If FotoMagico is struggling while playing back (e.g. can’t load images fast enough) it will continuously animate and play back the current slide and audio until the next slide has fully loaded even if the timing is set differently. Now that the slideshow is delayed compared to the audio FotoMagico has two options to proceed: Either show the current (delayed) slide for the full duration and keeping the delay or trying to load the next slide in time to get audio and slide in synch again. You have two ways to control this behavior:

  • You can use “Audio Markers”: You place audio markers in an audio item and setup the “Continue” option to “At Audio Marker” to advance to the next slide. This option helps your show to keep a certain rhythm. If FotoMagico can’t load a slide until the next audio marker it will dismiss this one and wait for the next one. With this option you may get off by one slide, but the rhythm will be ok.

  • An audio item has an option “Locked Timing” in the Audio-Options panel. This option tells FotoMagico how you what your show behave when running out of synch with the slides: “Checked” means that FotoMagico is trying to keep up with the audio and “unchecked” means that FotoMagico is prioritizing the slide duration.

In your case I would recommend to check the “Locked Timing” option.

Also: In order to test your export: Export your show with just 1 fps and a small frame resolution, this runs much faster and gives you a chance to check your export in advance.