Atem TV Studio

Has anyone worked with the Black Magic Design Atem TV Studio and Boinx?

Yes, if you pipe the final HDMI signal into e.g. a Blackmagic Card, it just works fine as a switcher. You can also use it the other way around and playout titles, etc from BoinxTV over a solid color background and use the ATEM keyer to incorporate it into your Broadcast.

I do not understand. I have 2 cameras with hd-sdi outputs and one with an HDMI output. how do I best hook these up to boinx for the best quality?

Would this product coming out at the end of February work with the 2 HD-SDI cameras and then if i got a HDMI to HD-SDI converter for the other camera, would this do it?

Hello? anyone know?

Hi Clay; the ATEM TV Studio that you mentioned in the first post would take each of your camera inputs (both SDI and HDMI) and allow you to switch the signal between them, and provide a single output that you could capture using an Intensity card. This is based on reading the specs for each device on black-magic’s own website - I think it would be wise to either talk to BM or to a supplier of BM products that could either answer your questions with more certainty before you buy them, or even demonstrate/test your cameras on their equipment.

Looking at the ATEM TVStudio web page, it appears that it also encodes the video as an H.264 stream and outputs that signal via USB. I wonder if Boinx TV can see that stream as a legitimate video source and simply use that as an input signal…this would eliminate the need for the Black Magic Intensity.

BoinxTV cant see that stream as a video source. Sorry.