Atem Swirched preferences

i was wondering if there is any way to save the Atem cam selection with the layer so that if you had multiple Atem layers you could just save the cam with the layer and automatically have it switch when the layer goes live. That way a layer set can control the switching by controlling what Atem layer is live.

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Thanks for this feature request! We will add it in mimoLive 5.7.

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Hi! I’m running 5.7, and I don’t see the ATEM being controlled via a layer using the ATEM AddOn.

Thanks for adding that! It’s great to have such a responsive team!

Michael, Can you point me in the right direction?

I don’t see the functionality of being able to have two or more ATEM layers, each with an assigned camera source. Switching to that layer would automatically select that source in the ATEM.

Help! What did I miss?

I have the same need. I want to have an ATEM layer switch the ATEM device to a specific camera. Say one layer to camera 1 and another layer to camera 2.

The ATEM Layer has now a “On Live” setting which allows you to have it automatically switch to a specific camera. This is particularly useful in connection with Layer Sets.

I’m curious, why do you switch by different layers instead of the buttons for switching?

Thanks for pointing out the “On Live” setting. That’s exactly what I need.
I’m using the ATEM Mini to switch inputs to a projector (for a local audience) during a live streamed church service.
The timing coincides with a recall of a MIMO layer set. Including the ATEM Controller Layer Stack in the Layer Set saves button pushes and reduce error potential