Aspect ratio changes upon filter application

Can anyone tell me why the aspect ratio of my camera image would change/distort after I apply a filter to it? It has been some time since I’ve used chroma-keyer, but it did not used to do this. Distortion happens only once filter is applied. Is this a a bug or do I have something set incorrectly? I’ve attached before and after images.
Before filter:
After filter:

Actually this may be a bug. Please can you check if you set up the Pixel Aspect Ratio option in the video setup for this device? Does it help to switch it to another value? What camera are you using, what type of video format and how it is connected to your Mac?

Pixel Aspect Ration is set to automatic. If I set it to 16x9 the image appears to be stretched horizontally without filter applied. I’m using a Sony Z7U connected directly (no adapters) via firewire. The Sony is set for 1080i. I’ve tried it with a clean mimoLive document with only the camera as a source. I’ve tried it with the mimoLive output set to both 1280x720 and 1920x1080. I downloaded mimoLive v. 2.0 and tried it with that as well. All with the same distortion results once filter has been applied. It also does not seem to make a difference as to which filter is applied. If there is something else I should be looking out for or anything else you’d like me to try, please let me know. Thanks.

I am going to sent you a debug layer that will output the pixel resolution of your source mimoLive sees(because it may vary from the settings in your camera). Please report back what the layer reports about your source with/or without the filter, thanks!

Thank you. I’ve received the debug layer and added my camera to it. Here are the readings without filter: Type: 2, Remaining Time: -1 Dimensions: 1888x1062. The readings with filter: Type: 2, Remaining Time: -1, Dimensions: 1416x1062. I plugged in a 2nd Sony Z7U and got the same readings. Additionally, I connected the camera to my newer MacBook Pro and got the same distortion when applying a filter. I ran the debug on that system and got the same debug readings. Any thoughts on what the issue is?

Thank you very much for your tests! It turns out that this is a pixel aspect ratio bug: Your cameras only sending 1416x1062 pixels via firewire and the video get stretched to 1888x1062 horizontally in mimoLive. Thats by design of a 16:9 video signal coming through a fire wire cable. Unfortunately we are loosing the pixel aspect ratio information once the video frame gets put into the filter chain. This will be fixed in the upcoming release. Sorry about that!

As an awkward workaround you may use a “Source with Distortion” layer and stretch the video the correct way.

Happy to report that this issue has been resolved with the 2.7 update. Thanks, Boinx team!

Thanks for reporting back! :slight_smile: