Apply Color Correction (or other filters) on the output signal.

I’m actually evaluating the software (that appears really great!) and I’m wondering if it could be possible to apply some filters (mainly color correction) after the layers stack.
Please,can you help me?


@marcozum Thanks for your interest in mimoLive, I’m glad to hear that you like it. Right now, filters can only be applied to sources.

There is a way to achieve what you want: Run the output of the Layer Stack into a second mimoLive document via the Syphon Sender layer, apply the color correction to the Syphon source in the secondary document and use that document to play out. I’m not sure about the performance and sound will be a bit tricky, however.

I can see the benefit of your feature request and we’ll add it to the wish list.

Is that going to be a showstopper for you?