Application for PhotoPresenter

I was impressed with my first look at PhotoPresenter and immediately purchased it. What I am looking for is an application, like PhotoPresenter that I could create a slideshow that I could share with my family and friends to view on their computers. Now that I own it and have looked into doing this, it seems that it will not work unless they too have PhotoPresenter to view it. Right?
It seems that in looking into this Forum that PhotoMagico is the more popular slideshow creator, can I do what I want to do using either of these two?
Can I trade my PhotoPresenter for PhotoMagico?
I suppose that I should have been more certain before I purchased, but I really was, and still am, to a large extent impressed with PhotoPresenter. Which would you recommend?

In PhotoPresenter look for Share > Standalone Player. This will create an actual app that runs on a Mac (10.5.8 or later) and shows your slideshow in full quality.

If you need to share with Windows/Linux users you will need to export a movie instead, which takes up more space and export time.

FotoMagico Pro can also create Standalone Player, much the same way.

The major difference between the two is that PhotoPresenter is a tool for really quickly creating something cool looking based on one of the many included templates whereas FotoMagico is geared towards telling stories. Creating a slideshow in FotoMagico takes a bit more effort but gives you a lot more options like customized pan&zoom, multiple audio tracks and too many more things to list here.

We actually have a lot of customers who use both apps, PhotoPresenter for quickly presenting collections of photos/videos in a stylish way and FotoMagico for storytelling.

Please note that FotoMagico Home does not include the option to create a Standalone Player, so if you are specifically looking for that feature you need to get Pro.

It’s probably best if you download a free demo and try it out. If you feel that purchasing PhotoPresenter was a bad decision and you’d rather need FotoMagico, please contact, they can sure help you with that.