Apple Motion Lower Third

Hello, I am trying to use lower third from Apple Motion 5 into Mimolive, it’s not working, please help me step by step.

What part of your workflow is not working?

I saw a previous discussion where they said to save it as a video file, making sure to preserve alpha channels… I don’t see save as video file in Motion. I tried share, export movie with color channel, I tried to import the file in Mimolive, it’s greyed out.

@Seth You need to make sure that the Motion project is actually transparent, then export to a video file in ProRes 4444 format. You can import that ProRes 4444 file into mimoLive.

A step-by-step guide to exporting video from Motion is here:

Also, make sure to select “Color + Alpha” in the Render Settings as outlined here:

For a description of Sharing in Motion, please see:

Make sure to select “ProRes 4444” as the export format.

Once you have the video file, you can import it to mimoLive by dragging it into the Sources column and use it there with every layer that has a “Background image” setting.

Thanks a lot, I tried it, it works.
Now, I may be pushing my luck, but in Mimolive, it does not allow me to change the content and use the control. Is there a way that can happen?

@Seth Once you rendered your motion file to a movie it can’t be edited anymore.

  • Therefore you need to export your motion file without the text in it.
  • Import this movie to your mimoLive project by dragging it to the Sources column on the left.
  • Then in mimoLive add a regular “Lower Third” layer to your layer stack.
  • In the layer settings of the Lower Third layer find the “Background” group.
  • Switch the “Type” option from “Frosted Glass” to “Custom Image”.
  • Select your movie file in the popup menu of the “Image” parameter that just appeared below.
  • Now the Movie plays back as a background and your can freely enter the text content of the lower third in mimoLive.

The position, font face, size and color as well some animation options are available to fit the text to your animation.

Thanks, it works. One of my concerns about other livestream softwares was how their lower thirds work. Mimolive just makes my life easier.

Glad to hear! :slight_smile: