Why has Fotomagico been removed from the app store?

Because of this:

Thought it might be, just thought I’d check.

So how would one update a Fotomagico Pro 3 ver. 3.8.5 install that was purchased from the app store to the latest version 3.8.7 that supports Mountain Lion?

same question here, no update is available from MAC APP STORE and 3.8.5 has issues with moutain lion…

Ditto. Hard to understand why an update would be unavailable, just because there is a public beta for a newer version. Meanwhile, I can no longer use FotoMagico because I have already updated to Mountain Lion. Not happy.

Meanwhile, FotoMagico 3.8.8 should be available from the Mac App Store. Are you guys able to download the update?

no update is available from German MAC APP STORE !!!

No Update is available on the UK store. Yells me there is an update but just get error message. I have v 3.8.5