API endpoint for "Start show"

Hi there,

Does anyone know what the API endpoint is for the Start Show button? I make use of two MimoLive projects and the remote control surface points at one document only. If I know how to start the show via an HTTP request I can start it from my streamdeck.

@Achim_Boinx, since you’re the automation expert and got me into this automation addiction… :crazy_face: Any leads? The major advantage of the start and stop trigger over triggering specific output destinations, is the end offset, that I use to trigger e.g. the scrolling credits.

You need to use the document API endpoint to start and stop the Show.


Please check the API documentation here:

Does this do the trick for you?

Thanks for your quick response @Achim_Boinx! I did check the API documentation, but guess missed this completely. I was also slightly confused since right clicking the Start Show button did not reveal the endpoint.

I will try this in the upcoming week and am sure that it will work. Thanks!

Right-clicking on the Start Show button to reveal the API endpoint seems to be a nice feature. I will consider this as a feature request :wink:

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