Anyone using iStopMotion with Mojave?

Wondering if I can upgrade, but I need this app to work!

Yep…please update to 64bit system!

@Alden @in3pid0 Thanks for using iStopMotion. iStopMotion should work with Mojave despite the warning that it needs to be updated. Do you experience any specific issues with it?

Hello no I have not upgraded to Mojave. I am in the midst of a project so I think I will wait till it is finished. I did also send an email to your support and they said this:

Dear Alden,

Thank you for contacting Boinx Software Support Team.

It is a good thing that you asked before deciding to upgrade.

Unfortunately, iStopMotion is not compatible with Mojave OS.

We will inform you if it will be rebuilt for 64bit platform.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


I use iStopMotion with Mojave, it works OK.

But it does freeze occasionally when creating a new tab if i already have a tab open. (needs force quit).
But this is before I’ve started the scene, so no big deal just annoying.

Also i have slight colour shift problems when editing in external app, but can be worked around.

eagerly awaiting new version…

Kevin (Key Frame Studios)

Kevin could you elaborate on the color shift problems? Do you mean it’s changing the colors of your stop motion shots?

I use Final Cut Pro to edit.


Hi Alden

I am talking about editing a single frame as a .png not video editing.

When you edit a frame in an external photo editing app ie in a photoshop or Affinity photo etc. (for rig removal or adding special effects etc.) the frame when imported back to iStopMotion is noticeably darker in colour.

Also if you export a frame as a .png and then import it back in, the same thing occurs. so its not the external app that is the cause.

Seems like maybe iStopMotion import and export routines are using different colour profiles.

Other people have witnessed this issue…

It has been reported to the technical team at Boinx.


I recently updated to Mojave and now whenever I try to set my camera to my EOS Rebel SL1 I get a pop up that says “Preparing Source.” The pop up just stays there until I press cancel. Super annoying.


I am experiencing the same colour change problem when importing frames - very frustrating! Is there a work-around for this ?

A great feature of iStopMotion is that you can edit frames in an external app

hello, i saw this thread, im using mojave with an eos 450D Im having problems, the software intermittantly chooses not to recognise the camera settings, saying that something in the camera is set to automatic when in fact ive switched everything to manual… it keeps doing it… ihave tried every which method … switching things on/off unplugging cable and blowing on all connecters… i even tried yelling at it… and nearly threw my entire project out the window from frustration… is there a way to fix this ? or is it still just not supported by mojave?

yeah, it seems we need to find out which ones does not work with Istopmotion AFTER purchasing the damn software. Its frustrating. I have lost so much time and work because it always crashes.