Any way to direct audio from specific sources to specific devices/outputs for external processing?

I’m thinking of using mimoLive for a show with heavy use of mimoCall, and one idea I have is to route specific sources (like the mimoCall audio) to an input of an external device (like a digital mixer such as the Allen & Heath Qu-24.)

I’d then process that input/group of inputs with processing in the mixer (like graphic EQ/de-ess/etc.) and then route the audio back into mimoLive.

Is that possible? Would there be any issues with that?

Thanks in advance!

@dcarmich Right now, I don’t see how this could be done. I’ll forward it to engineering as a feature request. Our engineers are lobbying for more audio features already… :slight_smile:

What type of show would that be?

This would be a combination talk/music show.

We also requested this feature about a month ago. You can’t probably send the program audio to a studio monitor (or any monitor) or external audio board, then bring it back in. You will get echoing issues essentially.

It’s nice to playout sounds directly from MimoLive rather than a secondary program.

What I’m talking about is sending the mimoCall audio from the caller to the console directly, then sending the processed caller audio (EQ/compression/limiting) back to the Mac to include in the program audio mix.

Audio routing/mixing in Mimolive is my number one issue. We do a podcast where we multitrack all of the audio sources. Since I have no way to taking MimoCall audio out of the app as its own source - it makes it essentially impossible to use the feature for us. If I could route that audio to a another specific channel on an audio device, that would be huge.

By the way - I discovered an interesting fix to my problem.

We handle all of our audio through an external digital mixer, than then sends individual tracks to Logic Pro for recording and mixing.

I figured out that we can send ONLY the mimocall audio to the mixer by using the monitor mix! So we mute out all sources other than the mimocalls, and record a track in Logic of only the video calls.

Totally works - had no idea that monitor mix option was even in there.

Interesting… what mixer are you using @dinglehead ?

Using a Midas M32.

So basically what we’re doing is assigning each channel strip on the mixer to its own USB output channel. Then we take the audio on those channels in to Logic AND MIMO at the same time. The MIMO Monitor mix (with only the MIMOcall audio) is sent to the mixer as well and router to logic as well.

That way I get a full, separate, multi tracked audio mix of the show, including MIMIOcalls.

So far so good.

NOW - If i could just put each MIMO call on its own channel, I’d be in heaven.

All MIMO would need is a simple aux bus for each audio component. Just give the option to send the audio to Bus 1/2/3/4 or whatever. Then we can assign that bus to whatever audio device/channel we need.

@dinglehead We hear you.

We are also hoping for proper audio mixing within MIMO… Right now it’s so challenging to do it properly