Any way around making a Nikon D7000 work for IStopMotion?

‘‘Still camera image sources like the selected input devise, D7000, are not capable of providing a live video preview you need to manually update the preview by pressing the preview in the transport area’’
IStopmotion: 2.8.4
Macbook: 10.7.4

Please guide me how to make the camera work on the software if it does. I’ve only just got the camera and I was hoping it would.
Many thanks!

It works with iStopMotion, Set it to PTP mode and you are able to capture directly from iStopMotion. It will not provide a live preview. Live preview for DSLRs is currently not supported at all.

It definitely works, although it is a slower method to animate with a direct feed to iStopMotion. The files are just massive, I usually wind up shooting in camera, and then importing the frames to iSM. Works nicely if you want to save the original files as well.

I can’t find how to put my Nikon D7000 in PTP mode. Would appreciate some help!