Any suggestions for an HD Video camera that works with iStopMotion3?

I’ve dumped hundreds of dollars into this software, and Intensity Shuttle, various cables and adapter and still Boinx cannot offer me one solution that works with their software.

Can any of you guys offer a suggestion for an HD video camera that I can just plug into my MacBook air (thunderbolt or USB or Firewire) and just begin using it from day 1 without any more drama.

I’m 6 months and hundreds of dollars into this endeavor and it seems Boinx is clueless when it comes to making their software work even with hardware they specifically suggested that I buy.

I’m sick of this,I just want it to work and hopefully before I break the $1000 ceiling on this project. (actually if you include the money I spent on iStopMotion 2 Pro I think I broke that ceiling long ago).

If you have a camera that works perfectly with this software please let me know … I’m interested in real world successes, not Boinx’s boilerplate response that “most all HD cameras should work with iStopMotion” … because obviously they dont.


Hey. I have just got the Software - Version 3.0.2. Set it in connection with a Microsoft LifeCam Studio, seems to work great :wink: Plug&Play!