Any news about BoinxTV in 64 bit?

Will the 64 bit version of BoinxTV be released in 2014?

Hi Johan,
thanks for caring about BoinxTV. First, let me tell you that we know this feels a little overdue but rest assured, we are working on it. To be more concrete: We are almost there.
The challenge here is that it is not just a metter of re-compiling for 64 bit but to replace large portions of the core that was based on technologies that are only 32 bit (e.g. QuickTime). We expect a public beta in 2014 and will make sure we communicate a beta release to our current BoinxTV users.

Any news about the public beta?

I will join the chorus of people anxiously awaiting a 64bit update. Ran a simulcast event through BoinxTV that required loading multiple videos into the project earlier this month and crashed every day from runaway memory and the inability to address more than 4gb. 64bit + ATEM integration would be amazing!

Count me in for any Beta! :slight_smile:

Hallo Bastian, wir bieten uns auch für eine Beta an.

Servas. I´m also very interested in version 2.0 so count me in for the BETA. I´m dealing with up to 200 productions per year for a company near Munich :wink: