Any luck with IStopMotion 3, OSX 10.8.1 and Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt

In iStopMotion 3 I do not even see the Intensity Shuttle device as an option. I see it in iStopMotion 2 Pro but it does not work. The device works perfectly in BlackMagic’s own Media Express Program but no such luck in iStopMotion.

I’ve got the latest version of the Intensity Shuttle software installed.

iStopMotion 3
Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt
MacBook Air (latest version)
Mac OSX 10.8.1 (version released today)
My camera is a Canon HV20

Neither Boinx or BlackMagic Design have an answer.

Same basic issue here, but with the Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt box. I keep getting a Blacmagic Codec error when I launch 3 or try to access in 2. My users are getting very…frustrated.

Three months later I still have not received a solution from Boinx. I’m really annoyed because the only reason I bought the Intensity Shuttle in the first place was because it was specifically recommended by Boinx as a capture device to be used with iStopMotion Pro. With the hardware not working with the software, neither have any value at all to me.

I started this thread in August of last year … still not satisfaction from Boinx. They just keep telling me to go spend more money on other hardware to make their software work. The latest wild goose chase was for me to buy a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter from Apple and use that to plug in my HD video camera (Canon HV20) … and naturally that did not work at all. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and 6 months trying to get this crap to work.

Hello Allen, I understand, that you are frustrated by all this. As offered by email, I’ll happily try to help you in a coaching session. We have the exact same Camera (HV20) here in our office and use it on a daily basis over firewire. While we are still trying to understand and reproduce the Intensity issue, I really want to help you get started with what you have now.

It’s all garbage Alan … Their stuff doesn’t work and they have YOU working like mad to fix it

I can confirm that iStopmotion 3 works with HV20, using firewire, with Final Cut Pro and Quicktime 7 Pro installed. I’m not sure if both are needed, but after installing the update for FCpro and QT7pro, the HV20 worked in full HD in iSM3