Any good performance tips doc for BoinxTV?

I am running BoinxTV Home on a 17" MBP, Core 2 Duo, 8GB RAM, OS X 10.6.8. I only have 1 USB HD webcam (Logitech), and I’m recording one screen area for an incoming Skype Video call or Google+ Hangout (I’ve tried both). I’ve tried many things, such as rebooting and only opening BTVH and my browser; reducing from 30 to 24fps, using Apple Intermediate Codec (I’m recording to disk, not streaming); unplugging external monitors and only using the internal display, etc. Yet still, I’m routinely going into the danger zone utilization-wise. And the longer I record (eg: > 15 minutes), I can see performance degrade.

I know my machine is not exactly blazing by today’s standards, but I would think it should be able to keep up with this minimal recording setup. And I have a friend that doesn’t have any issue using the exact same hardware with WireCast.

Is there anything else I should be doing to improve performance? Something I’m missing, perhaps? Would be nice if there was a comprehensive doc on this topic.