Any chance I can get a license key as I can't access my old one?

I bought a copy of iStopMotion a while ago for my old mac. About a year ago I got a new mac but still have the time machine back up of the old one with the licensed version of iStopMotion. Unfortunately I am unable to transfer a licensed version to my new Mac. I bought iStopMotion from amazon in a xbox with the license key on paper; this however is long gone. I have tried all possible emails in the ‘lost key’ support section on the website so have come to the conclusion that I didn’t have to register it by email.

Just wondering id I can either get another license key or if anyone knows a way to get it from the licensed back up with out actually having the original computer.


(I’m not sure if it actually proves much but I’ve attached a screen shot anyway of the time machine back up)

If you happen to have it on the Timemachine backup you can simply copy it from there: Just open the Timemachine Volume on your Desktop and step into the time machine database (on my timemachine the folder is called “Backups.backupdb”) just follow the path to find your own user folder. The license files should be located either here:

Backups.backupdb/YOUR COMPUTER/Latest/YOUR HARDDISK/Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Boinx/Licenses

or here:

Backups.backupdb/YOUR COMPUTER/Latest/YOUR HARDDISK/Library/Application Support/Boinx/Licenses

You will find a file that starts with “BXISTO*…”, copy this file to your current hard disk at the very same location.