Any benchmarks with Mimolive and M1 apple new tech?

Very interesting about performance in comparison with 2019 macbook pros, mac mini with Egpu e tc

I’m getting a Mac mini M1 in the next couple of days and will report on my findings.


Guys, are you planning to rebuild the kernel of the program to run efficiently on M1 instead of intel? more and more mimolive users are changing their laptops and desktops to the m1 over time.

I want to note that I switched to the m1 mac mini and I notice that when mimolive runs for 8-10 hours straight, the video from the camera starts to lag. I use mimolive as an image source for a ZOOM call that lasts all day, all 8 hours

On Intel, the exact same constantly running configurations did not start to slow down, until 3-7 Gb of usable memory were accumulated in the RAM’s activity monitoring tab. (that situation after 30-50 hours of zoom call with mimolive

is there any timeframe for switching to the m1 core?

Hi @did Thank you for reporting your findings! We’re working on native M1.

Regarding the lag: What type of camera are you using in that case?

You’re really doing 50 hour Zoom calls?

panasonic g5 OR sony 6400 (1080p60fps) + blackmagic ultra recorder 3G + mac mini m1

i have stand with camera + mic + light + macmini m1 in my studio.
i use mimolive as camera of zoom.

I start my work with a zoomcall with my officу and it goes on continuously until the evening. i don’t turn off the computer and camera at night, and i don’t quit mimolive at night

Previously on intel mimolive in this mode i had to reboot every 3-4 days, as apparently some buffer accumulated up to 4-7 gigabytes RAM over those days and it reduced performance.

on the m1 this buffer accumulates in 1 day to 6-7 gigs RAM and the slowdown of the camera image is significantly noticeable