Another Newbie--VERY Newbie

We are using a trial version and currently have a very old version of an Adobe product that is no longer supported. In that software we are able to “set up” a show without having to switch to Live or change what shows up during the actual live broadcast. Does Boinx have a way to save the practiced show so that everything that is not live (pictures or videos for instance) is already programmed for the live broadcast? Also, we currently broadcast over Windows Media Server since our school is in 5 separate buildings on 3 different streets. Will Boinx broadcast over Windows Media Server? If not, is there a secure way that only our students would be able to view the broadcast? We are a K-8 school with 7th and 8th graders doing the broadcast. Thanks so much!

  1. BoinxTV currently don’t support scheduling of actions, except for a “Live on Show-Start”-Trigger and a “Live on Show-End”-Trigger. Those triggers can be use to start intros and outros such as opening credits or rolling credits at the end of a show. All other action has to be triggered manually.

  2. BoinxTV currently don’t support streaming by itself. You can use 3rd party apps to stream the video to streaming servers or us the secondary video output of your computer to bring the video signal to a 3rd party streaming solution.

Thanks so much, Achim! I appreciate your prompt response.