Annotation Animation Effect

Is it possible to put a mask on an annotation layer? I like the motion transition, but I don’t want it to traverse the entire screen.

Thanks in advance.

@lorcott : Unfortunately not. This layer is (currently) not able to add a mask. There are no “filters” for Layers. But for Sources:

You could fiddle this in an other way together:

  • PIP-Window to aim the transition (over two or three Layer Variants, which aim the movement-points).
    ===> In custom mode, it supports Masks
  • A text source to aim the basic Annotation-Look

Here a Demo, how it works:
Maybe you want to have it automated, add an Automation-Layer to do so.

How to play it?
=> Klick point 1 to live,
=> then point 2 to live,
=> then point 3 to live.
=> then switch it off.

Other direction?
=> Klick point 3 to live,
=> then point 2 to live
=> then point 1 to live
=> then switch it off.

Notice: Edit the values of the Animation-Points (Your Layer Variants-Settings) to whatever you need.

It would be much easier, if Annotation-Layer would support a Background, which would keep it’s aspect ratio. If it would, you could simply add a matching Text-Source which is masked and which looks as you want. But unfortunately, it doesnt.

Hi @lorcott Can you post a video (or a graphic) of what you want to accomplish?