animating video clips

First to report that ver. 4.3 seems to have solved the missing file problem. I am building a new 40 minute presentation and so far no missing media files which was a constant problem before. Thank you Fotomagico!
Have a question though! I make short video clips with imovie with the spining globe showing our flight tracks and some when opening when dropping into Fotomagico show the start in the left window and finish in the right window. (enabled) …but some of the same type video clips only show in the left window and the right window is black. I tried to copy animation on left and paste in right but will not do so. What I do is add a layer of an airplane and have it fly from one city to the next while the globe spins but is very difficult when the finish part of the video doesn’t show on the right. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Vielen Dank! Bill

Bill, try to put a frame around the image on the left. The frame appears also on the right automatically. That helps me when I use a movie which has an animation with dark beginning or end.
I am using the spining globe too and dont have any problems. I export the movies as an .mov file appr. 12 MB.

@Bill: FotoMagico uses the “first” frame and the “last” frame of the spinning globe movie in the “Start” and “Finish” views. If one of the frames is black (because of a fade in at the beginning or a fade out at the end) then you can’t see the movie on a black background. A workaround is to temporarily set the stage color to some bright color. Then you should be able to see the black frame in the view.