Animated Text

Is there any possibility to animate text (“Title”) to make it appearing character by character?

There is a way, but it’s kind of clunky. And it depends on if you want the entire title to move while each of the characters appear (a lot harder), or is the title “static” and stays in one place on screen the whole time, while each character is added.

I’d go with the second option :slight_smile: – that is, place the title where you want it and build it one character at a time. Make sure you format the text with a left alignment. You’re going to have to create MULTIPLE SLIDES to get what you want, the number of slides being the same as the number of characters you want to use (i.e., “Title” would be 5 slides). Start with your image and the first character you want on your first slide (e.g. “T”). Copy everything on that slide to the next slide (make sure the text is in the exact same place), and now add the next character (e.g., “Ti”). Keep repeating until you have your five slides. Now place a “cut” or “dissolve” transition between all of them with the correct timing. As the 5 slides play, you’ll see the word build up character by character. I’ve used this procedure a few times, and it works – but like I said, it’s a bit clunky.

I played around with ANOTHER option – it’s just as bad as before, though, unfortunately. Set the slide up for animation so you’ll have a Start and End. Enter your full text and create a MASK. In the Start, place the mask in a starting position so just the first character shows. In the end, “try” placing the mask so that ALL of the text shows. I say “try” because when I pull the side of the mask to reveal the text in the End, it wants to reveal the text in the Start (which is exactly what I don’t want). I WAS able to resize the mask from a corner, which enlarged it up and down, and to the right – and it worked – but it is completely unintuitive. Using a mask in this way will allow your “Title” to slowly appear from left to right along its entire length – that is, you aren’t revealing one character at a time, but rather each character slowly appears from its left side to its right side during the slide duration.