Alternate version of FM project

If I create and save an alternate version of a FotoMagico project with a different slide order, what is the workflow? Currently, I export slides out of Adobe Lightroom 4 and let it add a numbered sequence order to the filename.

  1. In FM, as I move files around in a show, does FM dynamically rename the individual photo files with new sequence numbers (and the file name)?

  2. Will a re-named FM project automatically re-create a new version of the parent folder and source files with the correct sequence numbers in the file names?

Or, do I have to do all this manually?

I may be out of line in answering this, but I’m almost 100% sure that you’ll have to do it manually.

FM4 doesn’t rename files. And even if you had a folder of files with names having a numerical designator to keep them in order, just moving them around within a slide show will not rename them. They’ll just be in the presentation order that you place them.

When you drag a bunch of images to the slide show time line, they get placed in the order they are shown.

If you re-name a FM project, you’re just creating a new version of the same project with a different name. Again, none of the source files that go into the slide show project will get re-named. You still have to do that manually.

stantastic is right: FotoMagico is hard copying the source files into the document bundle and don’t react on renaming files in the source folder. If you duplicate a FotoMagico document with the Finder all the images gets duplicated within the document bundle too.

Depending on your application and how often you need this you may be able to create a tool, that shuffles the images within a document bundle. You would have to get a list of all images inside the document bundle, shuffle them and rename the images one by one (not an easy task, because you can’t name a file the same as another on in the same folder). After you shuffled the file names you can open the document in FotoMagico again. You will realize that the thumbnails didn’t update, they are the same as before and you have to let FotoMagico recreate them. This may work, if you have images of the same size and all in landscape.