AJA IoXT inputs and Mimo Live

Hello everyone. I would like to know if it is possible to switch between the two SDI inputs of the IoXT within MimoLive? Currently I have two cameras going into one IoXT and I have to switch between them within the AJA Control Panel, and only the active source can be viewed within MimoLive.

Is there any way around this?

Thanks for any info!

Is the AJA IoXT listed only once in the device popup when setting up a video source in mimoLive?


Yes I have two Aja’s and there are two listed, one for each unit.

I’m curious too

The AJA XT have 2 sdi inputs and 1 hdmi input.

Does Mimolive recognize the 3 independent inputs?

@JMVBMW As far as I know, those inputs are not independent. They can only be used one at a time. The 2 SDI are for Dual Link operation, but are actually just one input and you can switch to the HDMI as an alternative.

That is why you only see the device once in the mimoLive popup menu.

But, we’ll check with AJA to make sure.

Wirecast software recognize it as 2 independent sources…

@JMVBMW Thank you for checking. Can you use them both at the same time as separate inputs?

We currently do not use the AJA SDK to talk to the cards like we do with Blackmagic. It may be that we’re missing some features because of that.

AJA SDK Support is on our todo list for quite some time. I hope we can make it a priority soon.