AirBeam and BoinxTV

I just found out it was possible to stream from iOS device to computer in a really good resolution and frame rate via Syphon. I just discovered that it was possible to retrieve these video signal with DJ application like Resolume. I was wondering if you have any plan to allow user to use iPhone, iPod and iPad to capture the video and BoinxTV to mix and stream it live.

I am not 100% sure how your setup looks like, but if you are saying that Syphon is spitting out the iOS screen then you can use the Syphon receiver layer to show it in BoinxTV (you will need the QuartzComposer Syphon plugin installed).

Here is my configuration

  • MacBook Pro
  • 3 iPods Touch
  • 1 Wifi Router
  • 1 SDSL connection
  • 1 audio input

I would like to get the video from the iPod into BoinxTV so I can mix and record the meeting and livestream to Youtube Live.

Do you mean that it is possible to do so with BoinxTV and QuartzComposer Syphon Plugin. Have you any documentation about it.

I will have to try this out over the weekend becuase this would be really nice if it works.

Thread resurrection…

I’m not sure how to actually get this zip file. Is it available anymore?