After crash Boinx TV file recovery

I was recording a keynote with one camera and a Epihan for the slides, I use the latest BoinxTV version 1.9.11 on a new 13" Macbook Pro see under the specifications.
And after a while Boinxtv crashes when I record to MP4 no problem when I record in proves 422

But the client wants MP4 so I had to convert.

But the files when BoinxTV crashes are .tvrecording, I can see them in BoinxTV an play it. But what I can I do with it, I need an MP4 or Prores file of it

Modelnaam: MacBook Pro
Modelaanduiding: MacBookPro11,1
Processornaam: Intel Core i7
Processorsnelheid: 3 GHz
Aantal processors: 1
Totale aantal cores: 2
L2-cache (per core): 256 KB
L3-cache: 4 MB
Geheugen: 16 GB
Opstart-ROM-versie: MBP111.0138.B14
SMC-versie (systeem): 2.16f68

PLease open the file in BoinxTV and click the “Recover Recording” Button on the bottom.

Thanks, it works.
Now finding why it crash and my memory goes to 270%