Ads in paid versions?

I’ve just read the announcement about v3 of YGST. Does this mean that if I upgrade, I’m going to have to put up with (occasional, discrete) ads, even though I paid for v2? So I should stay with v2 if I don’t want ads?



The ads appear from time to time at the bottom of the recording screen. We think its no big deal for our customers, but for us is important to test a new business model to see if we can go on developing cool apps for you. Is this a problem for you?

I’m not a fan of ads in apps, and would rather pay. I do find them intrusive, especially on a small screen. I understand you need to try new models, and I had already updated my iPhone without realising (which is how I know I’m not keen on the ads!), but I think I’ll leave my iPad alone for now.
Thanks for the quick response.

Afterthought- how about some additional functionality for an ad free version? Or even just pay to remove ads? (I have some apps that do that). I’d be happy with that.