Adding Music To A FM3 Slide Show.

Pretty simple thing to do; select and drag to music bar nder the slides. The problem I’m having is that I can’t figure out why the selected music won’t stick. Equally puzzling is that it’s the same music selection I’ve used many times before. Thanks in advance for your help. 1deu

Can you please clarify what you mean with “The selected Music won’t stick”?

Sure. I switch to AUDIO. I select the music from my music from my list, click and drag the selected title to the MUSIC track and the selected music simply bounces back to the list. In short, I follow the direction in your HELP to the letter. But the selected music doesn’t stay in the MUSIC position. Thanks again for your help! 1deu

Does it have something to do with using “protected” AAC files?

I was under the impression that FM won’t use “purchased” music files, but can handle audio tracks that are ripped from CD’s.

If the audio track you are trying to use was purchased and downloaded (say in iTunes), try burning it off as an .mp3 file (or similar), re-import it into iTunes, then try re-importing the new file into FM again.

Don’t know if that will solve your problem or not – just a suggestion.

Thanks for the thought. The music I use is from a stock music collection I own. In fact I’ve used this piece many times before. Oddly, the piece was laid down as a track… then I decided to add some pictures and use the longer version. Then “foley!” I’ve tried several other pieces and they won’t stick either. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Again, I appreciate it. 1deu