Adding audio file

Clicking the Audio button opens the panel and shows main headings for LIBRARIES and FOLDERS. Under LIBRARIES I see iTunes from which I can select an individual track. Under FOLDERS I have Music>iTunes>iTunes Music. The songs live on my hard drive in separate folders inside the iTunes Music folder, and I would like to be able to select songs from inside these folders, as I can find them easier here than from inside iTunes under LIBRARIES. But nothing appears inside the iTunes Music folder. Is there some way to view the folders within iTunes Music in the Audio panel? Thanks.

If you open up the Console app by Apple you may see a “sandboxd: im.edia.Folder deny file-read-data /Users/…/iTunes Music” message. This messages tells you that FotoMagico isn’t allowed to read inside this folder by the OS-X system. Therefore the content can’t be shown inside FotoMagico.

To give FotoMagico access to this folder, you have to drag the original folder from Finder into the folder browser of FotoMagico. This will tell the system that FotoMagico should get permission to read inside this folder. After reloading the folder (by clicking another folder and the folder again in the folder browser inside FotoMagico) it should show all the files and folders.

Many thanks. Love the program.