Adding a "loop" feature for animations...

The following was posted by Subhash in the Fotomagico forum, but I think it needs to be in the Feature Requests forum:

Similar to an old posting from April 2012 I need to loop part of a slide. I tried the workaround with FotoMagico 4.6.6 and QuickTime Player 7.6.6 but FM doesn’t loop the video.

I have 5 levels in this first slide. 4 are “titles” and are faded in one after the other. The 5th section includes also text and is scrolling after fade in. This section respectively level has to loop until the audience has sat down and a mouse click leads to the next slide which is the beginning of the slideshow.

Is there a possibility to accomplish this?

I would also like to see this implemented somehow. I have wanted a title to scroll across the screen, appearing on the right, scrolling to the left, and disappearing off the left side. And I want that title animation to continue either as long as the slide is showing, either for a specific duration (as long as the slide appears) – OR – until I do a “click to continue.” The same can be said of animating any layer or any mask.