Add video to slideshow in FotoMagico 3

Have converted a Utube video clip to a Quick Time movie. It appears in movies when I click on that tab but when I drag it down to the bottom story line it will not ‘stick’.

Do you happen to use OS X 10.6.8?

Have upgraded to Mountain Lion last week.

Have now discovered that I cannot add still images or music to the slideshow. If I open a new project it will also not allow anything to be added. I have PhotoMagico3.8.5 installed.

Problem solved. Have been trying to update to PhotoMagico3.8.6 for several days but continually received error message. Update has finally succeeded this morning and all is now OK. 3.8.6 allows me to drag video, still images and music into slideshow. You need the update if working in PhotoMagico with Mountain Lion.