Ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) wifi

I just downloaded the current Boinx program on my Macbook Pro and have been using my iPhone 5 as a remote camera. Everything works great when I have wifi, but I want to film in my backyard where I lose my wifi signal.

I used the “create a network” on my Macbook Pro feature, an ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) network, that my iPhone could join. The Boinx program could read my phone as a source but when I selected it as my camera source, my phone and laptop would each have a message pop up that basically stated how they were waiting for the other device to connect. They would never actually connect.

So the program on my laptop could detect my phone as a source through the ad-hoc network, but could not actually connect to its camera view. Is there any way to make this happen, or does it just not work for these devices?


One other related question:
Does anyone know a better way to connect a remote camera to a computer (such as an iPhone 5 to a Macbook Pro in my case) without a local wifi signal? I already looked at the “tips and tricks” listed on the remote camera app and I didn’t find them to be much help.