Activate/Deactivate Outputs from Mimolive Remote

I’d like to be able to Activate/Deactivate Outputs from Mimolive Remote. In other words, start or stop a recording of the program, start or stop monitoring, or output to a secondary monitor, and so on. Using buttons in the browser or on my iPad with Remote.

Thanks for the feature request. Currently its possible to switch on and off output destinations individually with the Remote API ( however we didn’t implement this as a feature in the Remote Control Surface yet.

Thanks Achim!

Also consider the ability to add on/off output destinations to layer groups. Here is an example of why:

My streams usually start with a “We’re about to start the show!” graphic, and a countdown. The countdown could be from 1 to 5 minutes. Obviously, the streaming output is live at this point, but recording outputs are not.

At the designated time, we use a new layer group to swap around a lot of layers and run the show intro, it is at this time that we’d like to start the recorders. But it is also at this time that things are the most chaotic, and the most buttons need to be pressed, the most things need to be looked-over, etc. The ability to start the recorders without mouse-clicks would be really helpful. Having them start automatically with layer groups would be even better!

Thanks for considering it!