A few issues with version 2.0b18

In testing the new 2.0b18 this morning we found a few issues…

  1. We have an Audio 1 source that is a USB Audio CODEC Device. We are unable to take the Audio layer live when the Audio 1 source is selected.

  2. Lost the ability to right click on a source to delete.

  3. Video files with mono channel sound will not playthrough
    to the built in output device.

  4. If you change the playthrough device while a video is playing the video restarts at the beginning of the video.

  5. Changing the playthrough device while an MP3 is playing causes mimolive to lockup.

With all that being said, the new Source Filter Workflow is awesome!

Thanks for the report. The engineering team is already at it. :slight_smile:

Here is what we have found on these issues after upgrading to 2.0b19…

  1. Fixed

  2. Still can’t right click and delete a source

  3. Fixed

  4. Video still restarts to the beginning when you change the output device.

  5. Almost fixed… mimolive doesn’t lock up, but it takes a good 15 seconds or so for the mp3 to start playing again.

Issues we have found with 2.0v19…

  1. Multiple mimolive crashes due to insufficient application memory. We are running a Mac Pro (Late 2013), 3.5 GHz 6 Core Intel Xeon E5, 32 GB Ram, and dual AMD FirePro D700 video cards.

  2. We are experiencing a 1-2 second audio lag. If I create a brand new document with the exact same layer stack the lag will go away for 1 or 2 broadcasts, but then comes back again. The lag is present both in our live stream and if we view the output on an external screen and are listening to the audio on the built-in output. (Our video comes in through a Black Magic Mini Recorder and our mic runs through a mixing board and is set up as a USB Audio CODEC source)

  3. Issues when expanding different sources…when you click on a source some of the options for that source are not visible. Sometimes the name of the source disappears completely.
    enter image description here