A couple of questions about iStopmotion Express...

Hello all at Boinx, as my title suggests, I have a few questions about iStopmotion Express…
The first one being: Have you tested the Canon Vixia HV30/HV40, and if so, is it a good option for live-view capture with your software? I noticed that ‘Bionicle28’, whom you featured an article on, uses the HV30, and produces top notch films. I read in your supported camera section that HDV camcorders (such as the HV30) need to have software like Final Cut Pro installed to work. Could you please clarify that, as I have a copy of Final Cut Express 3.5, and I am wondering if it will still work.
The second question: If I buy iStopmotion Express, make a film, an then later on, I upgrade to iStopmotion Pro. Can I re-export my film, made in iStopmotion Express, in a HD resolution through iStopmotion Pro? Also, why must iStopmotion Pro have such a dramatically larger cost than iStopmotion Express, with a price increase of $400?
And the third and final question: When in the near future will iStopmotion 3 come out?
If you can answer at least some of my questions, I’ll be very grateful. Thanks.

The HV30/40 works fine. You need the AppleHDV.component that is installed by FCP.
You can check /Library/Quicktime if it contains this file. If so, you are fine.

iStopMotion express will only let you create movies in SD resolution, so even if you upgrade to Pro later, the movies will be SD. You maybe might want to wait a little while more though, just saying :wink:

Thanks! I gather there may be a few more features in iStopmotion 3 (or 2.9). On that note, a feature I really think iStopmotion Express needs is to be able to export in 720p, as the huge price divide between Pro and Express versions makes it really hard for people with a limited budget to produce high quality videos.