Does anyone else want a 64Bit version of Boinx TV?

We use a Mac Pro and can’t help thinking that Boinx is not making full use of everything that hardware has to offer plus other technologies like Grand Central Dispatch and OpenCL

We’d love to have a 64Bit version! Unfortunately we need lots of rather ancient QuickTime technology in BoinxTV. That technology is bound to 32Bit. Once Apple provides us with replacements for those parts we will surely try to migrate.

Ah. That’s a Shame, Have you contacted Apple about this? Perhaps with the release of Final Cut Pro 10 some things will become 64Bit

We are in constant dialog with Apple about this. Unfortunately, the fact that Final Cut Pro 10 may use some new technology does not mean that it will be available to third party developers… But Apple is interested in getting apps to 64bit, so there is hope.