64-bit error with AE FM plugin

I’ve already contacted tech support but thought I’d also post this here to see if anyone else has an answer.

I am running FotoMagic Pro 3.8.6 and After Effects CS6 on a dual-quad-core Mac with 12GB Ram running OS X 10.6.8 and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 GPU with 1GB VRAM. I usually run in 64-bit mode. I’ve tried running in 32-bit mode but still get the same error described below.

I’ve inserted a 7-seconds 1920x1080 quicktime file (Apple ProRes - I tried .mp4 but FotoMagico just goes black) into a slideshow and it displays and plays fine in FM.

However, when I save the file then switch to After Effects the entire slideshow plays fine except for the part where that clip is. I get a weird “no 64-bit” icon (for lack of a better name - see attached).

I’ve clicked the “About…” link in the After Effects FM plugin box and it says V1.0:

Any ideas? I don’t want to have to “share” (export) this slideshow out of FM then bring it into AE. I would like to build it in FM, then do additional work and final export from AE. This all works fine except for the short video clips I have inserted. I don’t want to just insert the video clips in AE, leaving FM to do just the stills, because the video clips must cross-fade with the stills. Any idea what the problem/fix might be?