5.10.1 Boxcast connector still not working - caused crash

MimoLive Boxcast connector has not worked since 5.8 (connector shows no configured Boxcast broadcasts to stream to). This past week I updated form 5.10 to 5.10.1. I tried the Boxcast connector this AM before our service, and when refreshing the broadcast list, MimoLive immediately crashed.

Hi @TM_Hope I’m sorry about this. When platforms change their APIs things sometimes break.

Can you work around this with a manual RTMP(s) setup? The Boxcast integration is supposed to make it more convenient to get the RTMP stream URL and key info via login. As far as I know there is no additional functionality, so it should be possible to work around this with the manual RTMP setup.

Thanks Oliver. Yes, we’ve been using the manual RTMP setup since the connector stopped working. Just trying to keep things simple and consistent for our team of volunteers. Interestingly, if I switch back to MimoLive 5.8, the connector is still working as expected, so I wasn’t sure this was due to any change on the Boxcast side.