4K setting for Apple TV

Assuming that the rumors about a new 4K Apple TV are correct. Hoe soon will you have a setting available.

Huh? Isn’t it already in FM 5.4.3? From the opening splash screen select “4K” from the drop-down menu to create a new slideshow – OR – within the application itself, from the main menu, go to Slideshow > Settings… > Stage (tab) > choose “4K” from the drop-down menu under Stage Size.

Isn’t that what you want?

I have had the stage size set to 4K for some time. The setting I am referring to is under Share/Apple TV. Currently, the maximum setting is for the Apple TV4 with 1080p

@frankcurtis Thanks for using FotoMagico and for your comments. Once a 4K Apple TV is actually sold, we will add the option for 4K export to Apple TV sharing.

I suppose I could change the settings with the Custom option. Could Boinx list the suggested best settings?

@frankcurtis Frame rate could be 25-30fps, resolution is 3840x2160 and you need to make sure you select Profile Level “High Profile Auto” for the h.264 encoder:


Thank you Oliver. I am converting a couple of slideshows ready for the new product

“Once a 4K Apple TV is actually sold, we will add the option for 4K export to Apple TV sharing.”

Apple Tv 4k’s have been shipping…where are the updates for Apple Tv 4k and H.265 export options?

My Masters presentation in Photography is the last week in October, and venue’s equipment has already been upgraded for 4k. I’d really like to present with the highest quality possible.



@“Steve Muench” The update is in the final stages of testing, last week of October should not be a problem.

For presenting in the highest possible quality, you can always just attach your Mac to the projector.