4K ROI + protocol support

Wie gehts?

I’m a new mimolive user and these features may already be a there but bear with me.


If I choose a 4K source ( NDI or capture card ) can I create multiple virtual cameras from the same base source ( say 4 1080p or 6 - 720p overlapping regions of interest? ) and make them look like independent sources?

I’d rather they just be considered cameras, conceptually from a work flow perspective.

rtmp / hls sources

Cloud based switching services like TVU Cloud producer can accept rtmp and hls streams as sources. I could see this being useful for field contributions as rtmp:tcp:1935 is well established workflow.

Welcome to the community! Thanks for giving mimoLive a chance.

It is possible to do this. You can add the source multiple times and use the “Scale & Transform” filter to create the different views.

But it may be much better to use the layers to perform the magic. For example, the “Follow” layer is quite powerful for doing dynamic panning and zooming.

We offer a very easy to use system with a low barrier for entry in the form of mimoCall for field contributions. If you want to ingest RTMP, the best option currently is using the ATEM Streaming Bridge into an HDMI or SDI capture card, or use the Garanin RTMP Mini Server.