4.4 Almost all Videos now need to be converted

The change for AV Foundation made this software unusable for. Almost all video files from my cameras now need to be converted. Same stupid behaviour as in Mavericks.

I cannot find anything positive about that, like you guys try to explain in the Release notes.

It just destroyed my workflow and I´m not willing to accept the fact that my videofiles are converted and cunsume double space on my small SDD.

You and of course as well Apple are on the wrong track and I hope that a lot of customers will complain about that.

If it stays like this I have to search for alternatives.


I am sorry that the decision by Apple to get rid of many video codecs causes you trouble in your workflow.

Apples goal with this new technology is to get rid of old legacy stuff that causes performance issues on new modern hardware. Apple always has been very rude with such cut offs but most of the time it was worth it.

Because Apple deprecated QuickTime they are forcing all developers to move on to AVFoundation and sooner or later all apps on the Mac will only support the video codecs provided by Apple. However we don’t know if Apple is going to add other codecs to be compatible with other platforms in the future.

For FotoMagico there is currently no way back. Hopefully you can redefine your workflow that way that you can use your movie files in all of your apps.

Unfortunately it´s not just about old codecs.
For me it was not even possible to use iMovie events in FotoMagico anymore and the movies from my Nikon D800 are also not working (should be H264).

So for me the question is: What codec is actually working?

Apple is wrong about their wish to merge iOS and OSX into a thing that has so much less functionality. Some companies should start telling Apple their opinion and the opinion of their customers. Otherwise they will soon mess up everything.

What if Apple tells to all developers: Jump out of the window?