2nd different output possible?

I have mimoLive up and running controlling a BM ATEM Switcher.The switcher has 3 inputs. 2 Cameras and a PC running Powerpoint slides. I have mimoLive Program feeding its output to a BM Ultrastudio 4K. Is it possible to have a second output in mimoLive just for streaming with different content then whats going to the Ultrastudio?For example: output 1 has the powerpoint going to the Ultrastudio while output 2 is using camera 1 for a live stream.

I do have a second input source into mimoLive from the ATEM Multiview using a Magwell HDMI to USB converter.

This is called aux output.
It is an old feature request mine…

as long as your machine can handle it, you should be able to use Syphon by putting a syphon output layer on top of the cam in the layer stack, open a 2nd doc and use the syphon video as your source. might be able just to also use the syphon video in youtube studio as the source. syphon only sends video, so you’ll have to try and grab the sound output too.

Thanks kmac1036. I’ll give Syphon a look. Sounds like it should be able to do what I’m looking for. I don’t need the audio so that’s not an issue. I have a 4Ghz iMac with 32GB ram so it should be able to handle it.

Also, if your computer can handle it, you can open a second document and do two entirely different things in two separate documents. I’ve tinkered with this but have not tried this in production, yet!