24h LiveStream

Hey, my name is Lukas Zeidler. I am Board member of the Jusos Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. We want to stream on Facebook from 23rd September 8AM to 24th September 8AM (24h) with MimoLive because of the “Bundestagswahlen”. Is this possible?

It is possible, but with one issue. Facebook Live Streams can only be 4 hours long, so after 4 hours, it will cut you off.

HOWEVER, MIMO Live will automatically create and stream a new FB Live immediately. So you will lose a few seconds as it cuts off and posts again, but you can go 24 hours.

I have streamed a looping series of videos for 4 days straight before.

1 other addition. If you MANUALLY set up your FB Live stream (as opposed to using the connected link from inside MIMO), you can choose “Publish this as a continuous live video” in the advanced tab of the FB stream setup. This will let you continuously stream, with no break after 4 hours. However, there will be no video replay afterwards, the entire thing will be gone (unless you record a backup)

@“Lukas Zeidler” Yes, you can! :wink:

You should log into Facebook from mimoLive and use the built-in Facebook streaming panel. There, make sure you check “Ambient Live Stream”:


We also recommend to 1) test this beforehand for the full 24h and 2) do not assume that the stream will hold up 24h. The longer a stream is, the more likely some network issue or a maintenance issue on Facebook will disrupt the stream.

We have been testing this to see what the limits are. We’ve been live on Facebook uninterrupted for 19 days now. I think you’re safe to go 24 hours, but agree with others about selecting ambient street. Record locally, if you’ve got the disk space, and upload finished product later.

I helped with one, friend borrowed my gear. Streamed MegaMan for 50 hrs as a charity fundraiser. 17in Macbook Pro 2011. The main issue we ran into was heat. Propped the Mac up on fans and switched power adapters every couple hours. Wow those got hot!