2018 iPad Pro HDMI output to Mimolive

I am needing to get the HDMI output of a 2018 iPad Pro into Mimolive via a Blackmagic Decklink Quad HDMI card. I can see the correct resolution of this connection (2560x1600) in other software (OBS, etc), but only see preset resolutions in Mimolive. Any ideas on how to get the correct resolution shown? Thanks in advance.


Just guessing, but mimoLive sets up each layer as the size of the production as maximum resolution.

I am getting normal 16x9 presets for my Decklink card in Mimolive, 720p, 1080p, 2160p, and 4k. In other programs (OBS, etc), I get all of those, plus the native iPad HDMI output of 1600x1200. I am not sure why Mimolive does not see this resolution as well. It will not grab the output at any other resolution setting.

I’m not familiar with the Decklink card workflow, sorry. Try making a ML file that is the same resolution as what you are trying to bring the iPad in at and see if that works?

Try connecting the iPad Pro to your Mac directly with USB. It will show as a proper source in mimoLive. The screen capture is automatically handled by macOS.

Alternative is to use a USB HDMI capture device, there are many out there, I use pengo brand without any problems.

I have the same iPad Pro 2018

I hope this helps.


@Gil @Alastair1 @Metatron We’re aware of this issue. Currently, the workaround is to put an HDMI EDID emulator in between the iPad and the DeckLink to make the iPad send 1080p.

This is on our list, but we don’t know when we will be able to fix this.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx is there any specific EDID emulator that you recommend?