2 x Cam Set-Up (Sony EX3's) for Live Production HD 720/50i Boinx TV, HELP!

After reading myself into confusion over Boinx abilities and tech requirements, I now have no idea of what I am budgeting for re: our sports production for 2013 season. I have a MacBook Pro 10.6.4, 2 x Lacie Hard Drives (1.5 TB), and the Boinx TV demo to trial it. I now know the basics of how to put together the TV format I want using layers, sources etc, but before I purchase Boinx TV (Full Version) I want to know the following:

  1. Can I record HD 1440 x 1080 res using 2 x camera’s (Sony EX3’s) simultaneously?
  2. If so, what hardware is recommended to have 4 x video (max) and 4 x audio (max) input signals going into my computer?
  3. Is there other hardware I need for the set-up?

Basically I want to know how to configure my set-up so that I am recording and shooting the sports game using 2 x camera’s, 1 x commentators mic, 1 x referees mic, 1 x music audio feed, and talk back?

Any and all suggestions welcome! But I’m a relative newbie to this so take it easy on me lol! Lamens terms please.

ok, so what i’ve just learned is that i must have an SDI to HDMI converter to achieve the above? can anyone confirm this?

also i know y discussion is different from my message content…ideally i want to record at 1440 x 1080 res

gosh, what a load of help this forum is…NOT!!!

BoinxTV seems to be a dead product. No updates in well over a year, no-one from the company on the forums for weeks or months at a time. You might want to look at alternative products which have active forums. I am using Wirecast now, but I still look in here from time to time in the hope that something - anything - has changed, because I still prefer the way BoinxTV does things in many ways, especially the extensibility via custom layers. But the lack of support kills it for me.

For the question you ask, you might consider one of these:


and one of these:


For the audio, I would suggest an external mixer. I’m using a Peavey PV-8 USB, which is cheap and cheerful and works well. But it looks like you have a bigger budget, so go for what you can afford.

Hope this helps,


I truly hope BoinxTV is not dead, since it’s such an awesome app. Regarding configurations, please read http://boinx.com/boinxtv/exampleconfigurations/. From previous comments from @bastian and other Boinx staff members, I assume you’ll have a hard time handling 2 HD streams on a Macbook (is it a Retina?). For 4 video inputs, you’ll definitely need a Mac Pro, since even the new Retinas only have 2 Thunderbolt ports and 1 HDMI port which I’m not positive that can be used for input. If that’s the case, @ukc 's comments nailed it. Hope this helps.

Troopers you guys. Thanks heaps for your feedback and suggestions @ukc and @profgustavoreis. I was almost giving up on this forum!

Well that’s disappointing re: Boinx TV seemingly being a dead product. You’ve both been helpful, and like you both I too am of the preference using Boinx TV for my production. Had heaps of fun trialing it out etc.

@profgustavoreis yep, i’ll be upgrading to the macbook pro retina. Wanted to stick with the mobility of the laptop being that filming is on-location i.e. easier setup.

Anyway thanks again guys!

If you read through the BoinxTV thread on this board, you’ll find that a Boinx rep has written that we can expect a version 1.9 of BoinxTV “later this year.” There will not likely be many feature upgrades, as this version is concentrating on compatibility with Mountain Lion.

Additionally, I’ve found tech support for BoinxTV to be outstanding. I’ve been using it for a few years now and Achim and Bastian and others have been very responsive.

I also am using BoinxTV to do sports. I’d caution you about using the MacBook Pro retina. You are likely to only be able to use 2 cameras at the most. I can’t say for certain, as I’ve not checked out specs for that model. I started using boinxTV on an older macbook pro and quickly found it was very limiting in that I could only input 2 cameras and our productions were more ambitious than that. Please let us know if you find this not to be the case, as I’d love to be able to have the portability of a macbook when going on location.

Hello altogether! Thank you for participating in this forum. Here are some notes:

  • BoinxTV: Yes, we are currently working on a BoinxTV v1.9. Anyways, It will take some time but we are working hard on it!
  • Forum: This forum is meant to be a “user forum” where users can exchange their experience and help each other. If the forum doesn’t give you the right answers, please contact support(at)boinx.com! We are here to answer your questions 24/7. Anyways, we are trying to read and answer the forum as much as we can.
  • This forum thread: Are there any open questions in this thread?

Ok Achim, I get it re: user forum, which why i “used” it…to get answers from discussions, and i did get answers so everything is great! However I am also aware support is there too.


I sent an email to support but they did not provide good answer to our needs! I bought Boinx tv home, to study if was good enough to start . Until today they do not actualize the information regarding the cameras which work with the software, the Canon showed in the site are not easy to find, Boinx TV should provide a list with the cameras which work with the system , DV or firewire cameras are not being produced as before, to find one with a Dv connection is almost impossible. Just Pro Video cameras still come with Dv connections. I lost the enthusiasm of still trying with boinx. Come on guys wake up!!! Help the users with good information! Oliver you are getting lazy!!!

@willystu: When we started developing BoinxTV it looked like that the video cam vendors are going to build in an digital live output in every camera model. This turned out to be wrong. Nowadays the consumer cameras provide no digital live output of any kind at all. Only the pro range is equipped with FireWire output. We are hoping that this is going to change once again with Thunderbolt. In the meantime we have to stick with 3rd party video input boards or Pro cameras. Since we didn’t test any Pro camera we only listed the video input equipment we tested by ourselves here: http://boinx.com/boinxtv/equipment/

“Nowadays the consumer cameras provide no digital live output of any kind at all.”

This is absolutely not correct. Many consumer cameras produce a clean HDMI live output, for example the Panasonic hdc-sd700’s that I use. This camera also has component out. Sony and Canon also sell consumer cameras with clean HDMI out.

Although HDMI can be a pain, at least it is possible to get an HD stream into BoinxTV - unlike for example the Sony z1/firewire, where the HD stream is too much for BoinxTV. I haven’t had any audio sync issues with HDMI either.

For anyone wanting general advice on studio equipment, take a look at ttfn.tv, who produce their weekly Studiotech Live programme every Friday evening at 7pm UK time (http://www.studiotech.tv/category/studiotech-live/).

“Since we didn’t test any Pro camera we only listed the video input equipment we tested by ourselves here: http://boinx.com/boinxtv/equipment/

I just don’t understand this. How can you produce a video switching software product and not test it with video equipment? Surely manufacturers would be throwing equipment at you, as they do with others? Have you asked them? You seem to be relying on your userbase to test equipment for you. If this forum was active, that might be ok …

@ukc: Sorry, I didn’t wrote it clear enough: There are no cameras that provide digital output that you can simply plug into your computer and it works. You have to use 3rd party equipment to get HDMI in your computer whereas USB would be a standard connection.

Video hardware compatibility: There is a big difference between how many cameras we could test and how many cameras are out there to be tested. And the usual question about cameras we get in our support is: “We have the camera X, does it work with BoinxTV?” We can’t get every camera our users may have and test it. Our approach is that we give a free trial license so that everyone can test their equipment with our software.

Finally: BoinxTV is based on QuickTime. Literally every video capture hardware vendor created a QuickTime component for their hardware and therefor it should just work with BoinxTV. Currently we don’t know of any video camera that provides a FireWire,- Component- or HDMI-output that isn’t working with BoinxTV. The choice is all yours.