2 HDMI Thunderbolt Intensity iMac 27" and 2 HDMI cameras

Hi. im building a webtv. Ι haven’t buy anything yet. Im reading 2 days now your forum about configurations.I have seen many has 1 blackmagic intensity on his mac.
I will buy 27’ imac with 2.7 quad core i5 with two thunderbold connections, and AMD 6770M 512MB.

Can i use 2 Thunderbolt Intensity Shuttle or Extreme,simultaneously with the Mac? Will they work to boinxTV?

(I know that from over 2 HDMI cameras i have to use a mac pro and a blackmagic ATEM Television Studio)

A second question is. How can i use blackmagic ATEM television studio with boinxtv?

If you buy the iMac with 2 thunderbolt ports, you should be able to use them simultaneously. We had noch chance to try that yet but technically there is no reason why this shouldn’t work.

You can e.g. use the ATEM as a switcher in front of BoinxTV. Run your cameras into the ATEM, and then only feed the final HDMI signal into an Intensity and into BoinxTV, for all the titling and effects.

Bastian thanks a lot for your answer. im gonna use a audio mixer for the audio coming from 4 microphones. the mixer will send audio to the mac via USB. will i have any delay between the picture and audio on the preview??