2.6.1 Stability while using remote

Just looking here to see if i am lone or have other users had simular issues.
I experienced multiple crashes tonight during show doing no more than minor adjustments or changing layer order, something that we do constantly and the reason we use Mimolive for our content play out. Noticeably this only occurred while we had a remote page open with google chrome.
Without a remote page open I cannot make Mimo crash. Im not confident that stability of this release with a remote in use is 100%. I have reported a issue and have my crash reports standing by to email and am now waiting for a reply from supportto send, until then its back to 2.5 and Quadro.

Looks like it is a bug and it was confirmed. There is a memory corruption when the http server is switched on and layers get rearranged. So the workaround would be not rearranging the layers while http server is on. Or you can use the older version as you planned.> - Support Team,
Boinx Software Ltd.
I thought going from Beta to release meant the version was stable? 2 updates in a week and I am hoping another to come soon for this fix. Today 2.6.2 crashed also, with no remote and just an adjustment of a lower third layer.

Will just sit this all out and stay at 2.5