Is there a tutorial on how to use 2.5D? Where?

We don’t have a tutorial on 2.5D. However it isn’t quite complicated: What you want to do is to have a picture with an object in front of some background. You will need a 3rd party graphics application to extract two images from that: one with only the background (remove the object by recreating the background) and a second image with only the object on a transparent canvas (save it as an PNG file to keep the transparency!). Now you can load both images into FotoMagico so that the background is behind the transparent object image. Place the object where is originally was placed and use a pan or rotation animation to move the object just a little bit (you may also animate the background in the opposite direction).

Have a look at a final product in the demo slideshow in FotoMagico at minute 2:45. (To get the demo slideshow select “File > Open Demo Slideshow”).