1st Live Broadcast Disaster

Just did my first live broadcast, after a month of testing and preparation. A disaster.

I streamed to twitch.tv, and set my max bitrate to 2.5mbps. However, as you will note from the screenshot, I had spikes as high as 13mbps:


How can this happen? It ruined the stream. Twitch kept buffering so that by the time I ended a 30 minute broadcast the stream was 13 minutes behind the live encoding! This happened 2x and then I gave up and returned to streaming with xsplit instead of MimoLive. With no issues.

@chrisis I’m sorry about the disaster. We can certainly understand your disappointment and frustration.

The screen shot you sent shows the expected behavior and unfortunately doesn’t tell us what went wrong. Once a frame is encoded, it is sent to the server as quickly as possible, hence the max data rate, which gives you an indication of how much bandwidth is available from your computer to twitch.tv. The average data rate is well over the stream data rate, so the data should have arrived at twitch.tv without any delay.

Twitch has a semi-manual process of finding the right data ingest server. Could you please check if the server you used in xsplit and the one in mimoLive were identical?

Why does ML have a data rate setting if this is the case? I’ve set my data rate to 2.5mbps because that’s the maximum I want transmitted. I’m not sure I understand why the datarate would be ignored.

As for my twitch ingest servers, on ML I initially tried using the built-in Twitch Streaming Service, and specified the Sydney Twitch server. When I first experienced the issue I set up a Custom RTMP server using rtmp://live.justin.tv/app and my channel’s stream key.

When I switched to xsplit I used the custom RTMP server too. I’m not sure that it’s possible to tell what ingest servers I was connected to as a result?